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Player Profile: Brian Kilcline

Looking like a wet and disgruntled St Bernard, Brian Kilcline was an imposing figure, after all anybody who earns the nickname ‘Killer’ deserves recognition as an enthusiastic tackler.

As was the fashion of the time ‘Killer’ Kilcline sported a dangerously short pair of shorts and a fantastically bushy tache, something which isn’t a common sight in the Premiership today.

No popstar looks and no celebrity styling, just honest fresh-out-of-bed hair and a desire to play football. His physical appearance accompanied his reputation as a strong defender who was renowned for heading anything that came into his path, the fact that he also looked like a fearless extra from Braveheart was a bonus.

An FA Cup winners medal could be see as a career highlight, but to say it was his only achievement would be ding him a disservice. A real team player who was always willing to put his body on the line for the sake of the team, highlighted by his ruthless and fully commited tackle on Gary Mabutt in the final stages of the game to ensure victory, despite it causing him an inury.

Substituted in the closing moments Kilcline still managed to limp up the steps to accept the first and only major trophy in Coverntry’s history.

Born in Nottinghamshire, he began his career his career with Notts County, before moving on to play for Oldham, Newcastle, Swindon, Mansfield and Halifax.

After leaving Coventry for newly promoted Oldham, he was signed by Kevin Keegan for Newcastle in 1992 and was immesdiate;y installed as club captain, helping save the club from relegation to Division 2. Upon the teams promotion to the Premier League Newcastle deemed his services were surpless to requirements due to the arrival of more cultured centre-backs Phillipe Albert and Darren Peacock.

Also making 17 appearances for Swindon, he finished his career in 1998 with Halifax.

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