The cost of following your team

The transfer window may have closed, but cash is still being thrown around the game of football – often with reckless abandon, as if being hurled into a Lord Of The Rings slot machine.

However, with clubs unable to spend the money that’s burning a hole in their pockets between September and the re-opening of the transfer window in January, it’s left to the fans to splash the cash.

And the disposable income of fans will seemingly always make allowance for watching their team; irrelevant of the economic climate, but how much this love affair is costing is rarely taken into consideration.

Thankfully though, a large nationwide company has made a genuinely interesting tool to tell us just that, whilst masquerading as a viral advertising device.

It makes for unpleasant reading if you’re a travelling Norwich fan or an Arsenal home supporter, but if you’re a Latic who loves a bargain and a pie then you’re in for a real treat.


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