Introducing the upcoming away fans pub guide

“The only loyalty in football is between the supporter and his club. That will never die” – Steve Coppell after leaving Crystal Palace, 2000.

“Things worth noting: That Association Football is becoming notorious for disgraceful exhibitions of ruffianism. That the rabble will soon make it impossible for law abiding citizens to attend matches” – Scottish Athletic Journal, 1887.

Away games are something special. Travelling to an unfamiliar ground, drinking in a foreign boozer, uniting with a minority of fans and seeing your team steal an undeserved late winner in what was an otherwise boring match are all mementos to be cherished.

And while the new sights, sounds and smells carry with them a sense of excitement and occasion, there are some things that just shouldn’t be left to chance – the chosen pre-match pub.

Not all pubs local to grounds will be filled with Football Factory style thugs or appalling British accents and faux menace, as demonstrated by Frodo in Green Street, but there may well be a feeling of imminent ruffianism in a few, as warned by the Scottish Athletic Journal.

Therefore, in order to make the day a worthwhile excursion ThreeMatchBan will be creating guides over the coming season to advise away fans on which pub deserves your custom. Hurrah.

Naturally the price of a pint and a pack of pork scratchings will be included, as will directions to and from the pub and everything else an away fan needs on the day.

More than just locating the closest pub without the home team’s flag in the window, the guides aim to ensure that a swift pre-game pint in a foreign part of the country is as pleasurable as the following game.

- If you have visited a particularly welcoming boozer on your travels then suggestions for future articles are always welcome.

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