An away fans pub guide to Tottenham Hotspur

Pubs in Tottenham aren’t too easy to come by and trying to find an away fan-friendly pre-match boozer is far from a simple task.

Tough economic times mean a number have closed and the Tottenham High Road is now dominated by cafes, chicken shops and independent convenience stores.

Hidden away though are a few pubs that are both welcoming to travelling fans, and also refrain from playing Chas & Dave’s ‘Tottenham Tottenham’ on a continuous loop.

The Elmhurst

Secreted down the appallingly signposted Lordship Lane, the Elmhurst (top) is a five minute walk under the railway bridge and up the road and.

A large mock Tudor building that has maintained its original busy-patterned carpet; it’s a comfortable place to enjoy a drink if you manage to find a seat, with agreeable bar staff and two huge screens showing Sky Sports.

Price of a pint and a snack

Guinness £3.20 and McCoy’s salt and vinegar crisps £0.85.


Bright Day-Glo pink and yellow stars litter the wall behind the bar, advertising standard pub grub of pies and pasties (£3.00), chicken curry and rice (£3.50) and chips (£2.00).

You’ll have to get in quick though if want condiments, as when I was there a lad at the bar ensured his chips formed part of a tomato ketchup soup.


Split into two main rooms, there are three flat-screen TVs behind the bar to help with the tedium of waiting for a pint on a busy matchday.

And in the large adjoining hall there are two giant projectors, which dominate the grand room to ensure punters have a good view from any angle in the room.

Outside seating area

Through the hall and past the toilets there’s a suburban tree-lined garden hiding the neighbouring MOT centre, which contains half a dozen benches and a rusty BBQ smuggled in amongst the bushes.

It provides a perfect overflow on hot afternoons, but little more.

Travel to the pub

Driving really isn’t recommended as the Seven Sisters and Tottenham High Roads are a mess of honking horns and double-decker buses at the best of times and it’s even worse on matchday.

Instead the London Overground is a popular and convenient choice with trains running from Liverpool Street regularly on matchday to White Hart Lane station, which is only half a mile from the ground and the pub.

Alternatively the nearest tube is Seven Sisters on the Victoria line and from there the 259 and 279 buses take you to the door of the stadium, or Lordship Lane if you’re heading straight to the boozer.

However, the Seven Sisters stop can become hideously busy, so I’d recommend grabbing the bus from underneath the bridge from the previous tube stop – Finsbury Park – as this should be considerably quieter and it will cheekily save a little bit on the tube fair too.

Distance from the ground

0.7 miles (1.1 km)

Travel to the ground

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Head back down Lordship Lane and under the railway bridge, until you get to the congested High Road.

From there, turn left and follow the throng of fans heading the couple of hundred yards to the ground, which will reveal itself on the right.

The Haringey Irish Centre

Walking up the drive towards the mess of concrete that forms the Irish Centre sparked a strange sense of nostalgia for my school days, and the inside of the building didn’t contradict that feeling.

The grand high-ceilinged assembly hall is an odd location for a few pre-match drinks. As if walking into a drunken assembly, it comes complete with mucky orange curtains from the set of Grange Hill, a stage for the headmaster and foldout lunch tables.

But, as you would expect from the school-like arena, the atmosphere is one of harmony, with plenty of away fans happily milling around with Spurs supporters.

Price of a pint and a snack

Guinness £3.50 (complete with a cock and balls shaped shamrock) and Smiths’ scampi or bacon fries £0.85.


A full cafeteria lunch is available adjacent to the bar with a range of school dinners available including a full English breakfast (£5.70) that’s also available with chips (£6.40).


There’s only one and it’s positioned on the stage, but it’s a mammoth projector and it unifies everyone’s attention by ensuring that everyone is focused on the same part of the room.

Outside seating area

There’s nowhere specific, so sneaking out the front or back entrances to the adjoining car park comes with a sense of paranoia that at any moment you’re going to get clobbered by your strict old teacher Mrs Wilcox.

There were no bike sheds on first inspection, but if you manage to have you day with jam on it and get-off with Kayleigh Brown, I’m sure there’s one somewhere on the grounds for you to hide behind.

Travel to the pub

From White Hart Lane overground it’s a simple case of heading down the steps towards the metal-gated exit and taking the short walk up Pretoria Road, which should take less than a minute.

If you’re heading to the pub by car then marshaled parking is available for £10. To get there you’ll have to navigate the crowded High Road, but once you’re within spitting distance of the ground, head down White Hart Lane, which runs into Creighton Road and take the third right up Pretoria Road.

Buses 259 and 279 both stop outside the ground too.

Distance from the ground

0.4 miles (0.6km)

Travel to the ground

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Head back towards the overground and from there follow the masses of fans along White Hart Lane.

Turn right onto the High Road and you’ll soon see a petrol station that now doubles as a club shop and the ground and the away end specifically is directly behind it.

Another pub to consider

The Three Compasses – behind Middlesex University – on Queen Street is only a five minute walk from White Hart Lane station and is an agreeable alternative.

Pubs to avoid

Anything other than a Spurs shirt is unlikely to be tolerated in the proudly named Bill Nicholson, while the The Bricklayers on the High Road is similarly patriotic.

And the residents of anywhere else with Spurs banners in the window are likely to be critical of your view that Jermain Defoe’s club form has never really translated onto the international scene.

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Colin 3 October 2012 at 8:23pm

I remember living in west green road and frequenting the fountain. Or is that gooner territory. Coys

TommyHarmer 3 October 2012 at 8:25pm

You seem to be confusing Tottenham High Road with Seven Sisters Road in several of your directions. At the end of Lordship Lane, under the railway bridge, is Tottenham High Road. Seven Sisters Road begins at Seven Sisters Tube Station, and goes South and West from there in a direction that leads to the environs of a rather smelly football ‘club’; that moved to north London a few years back. You don’t want to go there…… pubs in Tottenham are mostly an acquired taste.

Dan 3 October 2012 at 8:26pm

Cheers TommyHarmer. You’re quite right with your geographical knowledge. The bus ride always seems so direct. And Colin thanks for the suggestion. It looks good from the snaps on Google, although it is 2.5 miles from the ground.

Paul Morris 3 October 2012 at 10:32pm

I used to work in the Fountain many moons ago.‘Twas a Spurs pub then. It had 5 different managers in 9 months. Got so I didn’t know who I was working for. It is a long walk to the ground from there.I’ve since moved to Mexico,and support Spurs from there.

Tom 2 November 2012 at 11:13am

Great article. Luckily I am a massive Lillywhites fan so it is largely irrelevant to me. However I agree it is difficult to find many pubs near the ground. I doubt this would be any easier if we did move to the Olympic park though?

“Anything other than a Spurs shirt is likely to be tolerated in the proudly named Bill Nicholson” – I think you mean “unlikely to be tolerated”.

Josh 3 June 2014 at 8:53pm

Lol, just find :D

Jude Bassil 17 December 2015 at 2:52am

Also The Elmhurst is near Bruce Grove Overground, just a couple of stops down from White Hart Lane station (although its well walkable). 243 and 123 buses stops right outside as well.

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