The week in headlines: You’ll Never Wok Alone at Liverpool and City barmy to buy Balotelli

A headline holds the key to a story, as it possesses the ability to grab the reader and entice them into having a look at the article it’s attached to.

Often overlooked in favour of the actual meat of the story, the headline can be witty, humorous, informative, or even just plain stupid, as it attempts to lure the reader’s eyes towards the body of text.

Memorable headlines, such as my favourite pictured above, remain lodged in the brain and no matter how daft, a good headline will always convey the crucial element of the story, as the above does wonderfully.

This week’s pre-season dramas have provided the tabloids and even occasionally the broadsheets with stories that have enticed special headlines out of the hacks at our nation’s rags and here’s a selection of my favourites.

As a highbrow publication the Daily Star demonstrates its ability to avoid a lazy stereotype when thinking up a headline. They do however demonstrate a knack for a snappy and amusing summary when covering the complex story of a Chinese government fund represented by businessman Kenny Huang entering the race to buy Liverpool.

The Daily Star reacted with delight at the prospect of a new generation of brainier footballers when the Premier League announced its plans to open their own football schools, as opposed to many of the broadsheets who were concerned about the curriculum at the proposed academies. Good to see the Star has its priorities in order.

Football has a wide range of appealing features that aren’t limited to the action on the pitch and the Guardian’s Fiver blog was delighted by the news that Blackburn are reportedly the target of a £300million takeover bid by Indian businessman Ahasan Ali Syed, as it will hopefully allow manager Sam Allardyce to continue wearing his very fetching radio headsets in the coming season.

The Daily Star handled the story though with all the grace of a hungry lager-lout out on a Friday night piss up with only one thing on his mind.

Theo Walcott confirmed his macho image in the Daily Mail.

Who would want to buy a barmy 19 year old striker who is demanding £180k a week? Not even money-mad Manchester City are willing to spend the necessary coin to land Inter striker Mario Balotelli according to the Daily Star.

Yoo-hoo Jack, someone’s spotted you across a crowded room and fancies you for inclusion in his latest England squad according to the Daily Express.

Even with a story as mundane as Spurs captain Ledley King aiming to be fit for their Premier League opener against City, The Sun manages to crowbar in a delightful pencil based pun.

The Daily Star are masters of headlines, if not serious journalism and they once again unleashed a corker on the public with a headline that lures readers in who are unaware of Stoke manager Tony Pulis’ abilities on the water. However the headline became clear upon reading of the article, which alluded to Pulis’ £4million pursuit of Portsmouth’s Ghana international Kevin Prince-Boateng.

There are undoubtedly countless more fantastic headlines focusing on the world of football, so if you know of any please be good enough to share them.

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dixon 11 August 2010 at 4:37am

My favorite headline I ever saw on the internet was 1 word, about the Scottish league, it was: SuperCaleyAreTerrificCelticAreAtrocious
after Inverness Caledonian Thistle won and Celtic lost.
P.S. Forgive the spelling above if incorrect

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