The Glazers may have cleared the PIK debt at Manchester United, but will this prove to be the end of supporter’s opposition to their reign?

Retreating is a difficult task to undertake. The physical aspect itself is simple, as it merely involves walking in the opposite direction, but emotionally it’s a more complex issue.

The march towards an original target can be a liberating experience for those acting upon what they believe in, but being forced to turn on your heels because of the actions of others can be difficult to stomach.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust, or the green and gold anti-Glazer mob as they’re better known, face such a u-turn after the owners agreed to clear their £220million high-interest PIK debt without dipping into club funds.

This is seemingly a victory for MUST and their band of supporters, as the owners have finally cleared the heavy-hanging debt, perhaps thanks to pressure from the supporters group and this will surely be celebrated as a victory of David and Goliath proportions.

However, this is where the act of a retreat seems to become complicated, as according to a brief statement on the supporters trust website, the group is yet to be completely satisfied.

“Now is the time for the Glazers to finally come clean and tell the truth about what is going on at Manchester United and what their plans are.”

“What have they got to hide? No more secrecy. No more spin. Just tell the fans the truth.”

Finer details of the deal would be appreciated to clarify to gritty ins and outs of the deal, but this is certainly a victory for MUST, as the Glazers clearance of the clubs debt has not been taken from the clubs coffers and so should surely please supporters concerned about the financial future of the club.

The Glazers best friend and the club’s chief executive David Gill confirmed that the money had not been drawn from the bank of United, but didn’t elaborate on its source.

“The board can confirm that there has been no dividend of club cash.”

However the trust’s statement seems to reveal a deeper hatred of the owners than just the financial burden that they have imposed on the club and they seem reluctant to retreat back to the warmth of their seats at a financially secure club.

The demands of “No more secrecy. No more spin. Just tell the fans the truth” imply a tired and weary hatred of a regime that has become increasingly unpopular during its tenure, so much so that it has developed a fanatical opposition.

Despite the apparently positive news, the Glazers presence alone is seemingly enough to leave fans with a polluted taste in their mouth, although what else this could be based on is minimal in comparison to the mountain of arrears that has been binned.

Their image though is tainted by the burden of the debt the club has had to carry in recent years, as the Glazers will seemingly remain unwelcome at the club from a select band of supporters.

The barometer of supporter hatred for their owners will be seen in the coming weeks and months in the form of the amount of green and gold scarves that will remain in the crowd.

If they begin to slowly dissipate and are replaced once again by the red of United, then a dignified and perhaps even victorious retreat is being undertaken by the former campaigners for the financial stability of the club, however if they remain, there is clearly a battle still to be fought.

An olive branch to sceptical supporters would surely be a pot of cash for Ferguson to spend in the transfer window, but that apparently isn’t the Busby way. I’m also unsure of whether wiping away the remaining £526million debt is indiciactive of the legendary managers style or not.

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PlanetPie 9 December 2010 at 1:52pm

Does no-one find it ironic that MUST go for the Newton Heath Green and YELLOW (GaY) for their campaign? Basically, Newton Heath were in massive debt back in the day and were bought out to eventually became Manchester United. I just wish the Michael “keepy-up” Knighton would have gone through all those years ago.
And it was his personal circumstances and not United that was the problem there. ie Edwards could not wait to sell Utd down the river. WHAT A CLUB.

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