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Some things are certain in football. One team will win the Premier league, three will go down and Alan Shearer will continue to state the bleedin’ obvious for the entirety of this season.

However, the finer details are far from clear. Whether the eventual winners will be sky blue, red or navy, is as at present blurry and at the other end a host of teams have consistently produced under-par performances that only a golfer could be proud of.

So as a result, pouring over the fixture list to look for a sure bet is rarely a simple task.

Fraught with both optimism and the memory of your sides humiliating surrender of a three goal lead the week previous, it can be a tricky knowing where to place your money.

Thanks though to Betegy and their willingness to give me money, I am happy to say that there is help at hand.

Using algorithm to analyse the possible outcomes of games, Betegy draws upon news analysis to tweak possible results such as, the absence of a star player, and how this can affect the eventual outcome, so that you don’t have to do work it out for yourself.

I took advantage and bet on two Premier League and two La Liga games. Villa’s visit to City was surely doomed and Reading seemed unlikely to overturn in-form Everton, while Barcelona and Real Madrid were strongly fancied against Zaragoza and Athletic respectively.

Three were labelled by Betegy as recommended, while the game at the Madjeski was an extreme bet. Acting as a mediator, I was directed towards a number of bookies where I placed my bets on the exact scores recommended to me.

And on three of the four instances maths prevailed, as the correct score was predicted at the Nou Camp to ensure that I happily finished the day as I started.

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