Arse-Shavin Rife On BBCs Match Of The Day

Some things are difficult to pronounce. Footballers names for example can prove tricky for some commentators and pundits to spit out in the heat of a game, in particular David Pleat who whenever commentating seems terrified of infringing on a copyright law attached to a players name, as he rarely pronounces it correctly.

Everton’s recent signing Diniyar Bilyaletdinov is one name that could understandably prove to be a bit of a tongue twister for the men behind the microphone, but surely Arse-enal’s Andrei Arshavin shouldn’t be any bother.

Despite the seeming simplicity of his name, Mark Bright on BBCs Match of the Day 2 this Sunday was intent on adding the letters e and s the middle of his surname and referring to him as Arse-shavin.

Now before this goes any further, I’ll admit it, I don’t have a University degree in Pronunciation, but for the sake of public decency do I have to hear the words Arse-shavin every time I force myself to sit through an Arsenal game?

This I suppose could just be one of those names that has an ambiguous pronunciation, like the Thin White Duke’s for example. Is it Bo-wie or Bow-ie?

Thankfully however it’s not, or at least I hope it’s not as it’s really putting me off watching the silky and skilful play on show at the Emirates whenever Arse-shavin is involved.

Usually the BBC are in a constant state of fear at the prospect of anyone across any of their channels saying something that could be deemed offensive, so as not to raise the question of whether or not the license fee is justified, so I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been caused a brief and hurried apology to be issued as so often happens over trivial slip-ups.

However, the pronunciation Arse-shavin has been a regular fixture since the Russians arrival in the Premier League and this week it all became too much for me and marred an exciting game of football on Saturday as Arse-enal spanked Blackburn’s freshly shaved-arse 6-2.

I suppose it could be worse, former Newcastle player Brian Pinas could make a return.

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