A Day In The Life: Mark Hughes

Shifting uncomfortably in one of those waiting room chairs that are seemingly designed to be as uncomfortable as possible, Mark Hughes was a nervous man.

Except for the presence of a silent receptionist, the Manchester City manager was alone in the palatial reception awaiting the call to enter the fat cats office and explain his teams run of seven straight draws.

Glancing up at a clock periodically, nervously twiddling his thumbs and impatiently crossing his legs, uncrossing them and then crossing them back the other way, Hughes was being made to wait what for what felt like an eternity.

The phone on the receptionist desk eventually broke the icy silence and Sparky was summoned.

Entering through heavy oak doors, he was faced by owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan who demanded ton know why the club has drawn with Aston Villa, Wigan, Fulham, Birmingham, Burnley, Liverpool and this week Hull, despite significant financial backing.

Like a schoolboy summoned to the front of the class to explain his actions, Hughes glumly stared at his feet and struggled for a concise answer.

Clutching at straws and searching for positives in order to impress an owner hungry for success, he desperately attempted to smooth over the cracks in City’s recent form.

“We’re still in the mix at the top end and at times, we looked strong and established.”

He is though forced to admit the shortcomings of the newly constructed team, but emphasises that the team is still growing collectively.

“We look what we are, a team that has come together very quickly that can show frailties. While we’re going through this process we have to keep picking up points, which is what we are doing” he says in optimistic hope of a positive response.

“I believe the owners [you] understand that” he squeaks in the direction of the Sheikh “and it’s only a matter of time before we start winning again.”

The Sheikh greets Hughes’ explanation with steely silence and seems unconvinced by his appeal for clemency. He says nothing, but instead points to the door the conclude the conversation.

As Hughes worriedly contemplates his future on the long walk back through the vast corridors of Eastlands to his office, many ideas for instant success float through his head, but he finally decides on a plan of action come the January transfer window.

“Perhaps I should spend vast amounts of money on players of varying international standard” he repeatedly mutters under his breath.

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